Agersens and Animal Welfare


1. Agersens seeks to improve the health and wellbeing of livestock and wildlife through its products, practices and services.

2. We comply with national laws and industry guidelines regarding animals, but also seek animal health and wellbeing outcomes that go beyond them.

3. We believe improved animal health and wellbeing leads to more productive and profitable farms.

4. We welcome engagement with animal welfare advocate organisations and work with them to develop products that enhance animal health and wellbeing.

5. We support all sustainable agricultural practices that lead to a healthy environment for livestock and wildlife.

6. We use sound science and evidence to assess welfare status and measure improvements to animal health and wellbeing.

7. We design, develop and test our products so they are safe for animals, and comply with all relevant government and safety regulations.

8. We train our staff and stakeholders in best practice animal handling and management methods to improve animal health and wellbeing.

9. We work with government and regulatory bodies to develop guidelines and regulations that avoid animal harm.