Improved animal health and wellbeing supports productive farms.


Here’s how:

  • eShepherd™ system enables best feed allocation, so animals eat well.
  • Detect troubled, straying, or stolen livestock using your app.
  • Avoid mustering injuries and stressing the animals during the muster
  • Avoid fence injuries that can cause laceration and injury to cattle

A virtual shepherd helps:

Enable best feed allocation

Farmers can allocate fresh pasture with the click of a button –ensuring animals always have clean fresh pasture to graze – while avoiding areas which are inappropriate for grazing.

Detect troubled, straying, livestock

Because the behaviour of the animal is always being monitored the eShepherd can potentially help detect animals that are not moving and could be in distress (e.g. calving) so the farmer can be notified.

Reduce mustering injuries

Mustering using vehicles and aircraft can cause animals stress and injury. eShepherd has the potential to reduce these dangers by mustering slowly over a day or two.

Reduce fence injuries

Barbed wire fences can cause laceration and injury to cattle, while animals which get tangled up in electric fences can endure uncontrolled shocking.

Safe for livestock and wildlife

eShepherd is much safer than electric fences and dog containment systems because animals can never become entangled in the wire or subject to uncontrolled shocks.  

eShepherd only works on the animal wearing the collar, so wildlife, birds and humans are safe.


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