Productive, profitable and sustainable

The eShepherd™ virtual fence allows you to better manage your grazing operation to increase production.

How to Increase Certainty and Control
  • Cell/Rotational Grazing
  • Reduced fencing costs
  • Avoiding boxed cattle
  • Increased calving rate
  • Increased branding rate
  • Avoiding over-grazing
  • Reducing Labour

With a virtual shepherd you can:

Automate Cell/Rotational Grazing
  • Set up moving grazing fronts, and automated cell grazing,
  • Implement face grazing of forage crops without fencing
  • Improve pasture allocation including seasonal variations, landforms, and biomass availability
  • Remote cattle block management saves time
  • Increase carrying capacity by controlled grazing
  • Avoid land damage from overgrazing
Reduce Labour Costs
  • Reduce farm labor moving cattle
  • Reduce fence installation cost and maintenance – create and move unlimited fencing using your smartphone
  • Avoid frost heaving fence maintenance
Monitor Stock Remotely
  • Check the location of every animal, anytime, from anywhere
  • Check state of health, and reduce veterinary bills with early disease detection
  • Detect cattle theft immediately
  • Fence break alerts, peace of mind