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Provenance and Virtual Fencing

One of the big trends currently taking place in agriculture is vertical integration. More and more large corporations are taking control by creating their own industrial chain all the way from the farm to the factory. With consumer demand for greater provenance and...
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A Mid Year Update from Agersens

ESHEPHERD NOW AVAILABLE Following our official launch event at Beef Australia in May eShepherd is now available – but there is a waiting list!  If you would like to purchase and book an installation of the eShepherd system, please get in touch by completing our...
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Virtual Fencing Presented at Beef Australia 2018

Agersens recently presented the eShepherd virtual fencing system at Beef Australia 2018 in Rockhampton, Queensland. At a gala event on the 9th of May the former Deputy Prime Minister, the Honourable Tim Fischer AC unveiled the future of precision agriculture,...
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