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Virtual Fencing and Toxic Plants

Many  of the pastures used by farmers to graze cattle can contain toxic plants that may induce poisoning.  While some plants are toxic in quite small amounts, others can be cumulative with damage to internal organs developing over time. Examples of poisonous plants in...
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Barbed Wire Fences Harm Wildlife

Barbed wire was invented in the 19th century as a low cost but effective way to fence cattle and quickly spread around the world – particularly in the new agricultural lands in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.  But wire fences, and...
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Farms Increasing in Size

Farms are increasing in size. For example,  in Ireland they expect the average dairy herd to double in size in the next five years.  However, there isn’t the necessary labour available to operate farms. And with more automated milking dairies, farmers rely on their...
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As Farmers get Old, Farms are Sold.

Did you know in the developed world the average age of farmers is increasing? In the USA the average age is 55. That means a lot of farmers in the next 10 years will be retiring – and selling the farm because fewer people in those countries want to work on the land....
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Eco friendly Fencing is Here

As world population grows the need to feed people is creating greater pressure on land and water resources. In many countries cattle pollute and damage water sources Cow poop adds unwanted bacteria and nutrients that harm aquatic wildlife and threaten community...
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Are Pasture Fed Cows Happy and Productive?

It seems people all over the world believe cows should be grazing on pasture in order to be happy,healthy and productive. Whether true or not, consumers consider pasture fed cows to be natural, are thought to produce the best milk, and have the lowest cost of...
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