A GPS enabled, training collar

eShepherd™ is a GPS enabled collar and a mobile application to fence, move, or monitor livestock. Draw your boundary anywhere and your cattle are trained to remain within your virtual fence.

GPS boundaries are loaded into the collar. Using Google maps and your computer or tablet, virtual boundaries can be set to a specific point on your property. The animal will be notified by the collar when it has reached a boundary.

The eShepherd™ system

Unique Training Based on Behaviour

Responds to Animal Behavior

The eShepherd™ has been specifically developed to meet the highest animal welfare standards.   As human beings, being able to predict and control our environment is important for our welfare and the same applies to animals. Our system uses a unique training program that allows animals to both predict and control their environment.   eShepherd™ works just like an electric fence but uses an audio cue (tone) rather than a visual cue (image) to indicate the location of the fence.

How an electric fence works When animals approach an electric fence for the first time they see the wire (visual cue).  If they push into the wire they receive an electric pulse that they associate with moving forward and touching the wire.  This may happen a few times before they learn to avoid the wire.   eShepherd works in the same way.

How eShepherd™ works When animals approach a virtual fence for the first time, the collar emits an audio sound. If the animal ignores the audio cue and continues towards the fence, the collar delivers a single mild electric pulse (much lower than an electric fence) that makes the animal uncomfortable. If the animal stops, turns sideways or walks away when it hears the audio cue then the system does nothing more.Just like an electric fence, animals learn by the second or third time that they need to stop or turn aside when they hear the sound. eShepherd™ responds to animal behavior – not location.

Solar Powered - Easy Fitment

The eShepherd™ system includes the collar for each animal, an internet accessible base station and a tablet to run the eShepherd™ software.

Safe for Livestock and Wildlife

eShepherd™ is much safer than electric fences  because animals can never become entangled in the wire and subject to uncontrolled shocks.   eShepherd™ only works on the animal wearing the collar, so wildlife, birds and humans are safe.


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