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Agersens will present eShepherd™ with very special guest, former Deputy Prime Minister Hon Tim Fischer AC at our official company launch event ‘Exploring the frontiers of virtual fencing’, at Beef Australia 2018 in Rockhampton, Queensland this May.

Agersens will also be at Site G270 from Monday 7th through to Friday 11th – everyone is welcome to drop by, say hello and learn more.

eShepherd is a world-first GPS-enabled smart collar system for livestock, enabling producers to create “virtual fences” and remotely fence, muster and monitor cattle 24 hours a day.

The eShepherd system enables producers to become more productive, profitable and sustainable by:

  • Cutting labour and fencing costs while flexibly creating and moving fences as required
  • Automating rotational, cell and strip grazing on scale
  • Avoiding overgrazing and optimising pasture utilisation
  • Reducing the cost of large scale mustering and recovering collared animals
  • Minimising mustering weight loss and matching transport needs to stock numbers
  • Providing accurate and timely inventory control and 24/7 cattle monitoring
  • Providing wildlife friendly, flood and fire-proof fencing to avoid cattle pollution of rivers, and reduce nutrient run off, for example run off to the Great Barrier Reef
  • Managing integrated livestock, grain cropping operations and grazing of forage crops
  • Monitoring animal health and wellbeing, and minimising mustering and handling injuries and
  • Providing proof of provenance of beef and dairy produce to both domestic and international consumer markets

eShepherd collars use patented CSIRO animal training and behavior technology. The collars communicate with a base station installed on the property, which in turn communicates with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Producers can view all virtual fences and animals with an eShepherd collar on a device in real time, with the swipe of a finger.

Our CEO, Ian Reilly, said eShepherd represents a world-first step towards a new generation of agricultural production.

“Agersens’ eShepherd allows producers to be more productive, more profitable and more sustainable. We’re looking forward to launching our revolutionary technology at Beef Australia 2018 – one of the world’s premier cattle events.”

“We encourage anyone who is curious about eShepherd and virtual fencing to visit our site G270 and hear how eShepherd can help automate cattle management.”

If you’re going to be at Beef Australia and are interested in attending the launch event with Hon Tim Fischer AC, please contact Agersens.