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“As human animals we know from our own experience that we are most productive when we’re fit, healthy, contented and unafraid. When we are unfit, ill or anxious we don’t work as well – prompting many workplaces to provide a gym and flu vaccine to keep employees working productively throughout the year. The same applies to our livestock.

When cows are anxious or unwell they produce less milk.

Farmers find hired labor doesn’t provide the level of care and attention needed to identify illness. Out of ignorance, they often treat cows poorly resulting in cows being fearful, unhappy and ill. This situation directly impacts the farmers income. Automation helps ensure cows are consistently treated the right way, and the same way.

Agersens’ eShepherd will automate the movement and fencing of cattle, providing consistent treatment for each individual animal in the herd, without using dogs, quadbikes, or prodders. The product reduces anxiety levels and increases the productivity of animals and farmer alike.”