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Agersens would like to clarify a media report published today regarding the eShepherd™ smart collar system.
The report implied eShepherd had been used as a virtual fence at a farm in Victoria, with cattle in Romsey trained to respond to an audio cue backed by an electrical pulse. This is incorrect.

In order to comply with current regulations, the eShepherd collars at the farm in Romsey are GPS tracking collars only, and are not equipped with the audio or electrical features that make virtual fencing possible.

Agersens Chief Executive, Ian Reilly, said the company was working with the State Government to make the case as to why and how the regulations should change, and had never contravened them.

“Victorian farmers are at a disadvantage compared to interstate and overseas competitors because they are unable to access the revolutionary productivity, profitability and sustainability advantages offered by virtual fencing.”

“With eShepherd and a smartphone or tablet, Victorian farmers would be able to remotely fence, muster and monitor their livestock 24/7 from anywhere in the world – but only if the current regulations change.”

“A simple change in wording would protect animal health and wellbeing, while enabling full use of a world-first product developed in Victoria.”

The full version of eShepherd, as being sold overseas and interstate, contains patented technology developed by the CSIRO that quickly trains livestock to respond to an audio cue alerting them to location of a virtual fence.