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Agersens has recently setup a new Innovation Centre in Southern Queensland to further advance digital animal management technology.

Testing functions

Testing functionality in the field

Located about one hour’s drive from Brisbane Airport, the centre has been designed as a place to develop the eShepherd animal management platform and act as a permanent demonstration site for virtual fencing. A former Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries research farm (now in private hands), it is not only centrally located, but also well appointed with sufficient space to carry out rapid development of new functions and features.

The farm will also enable Agersens to showcase innovative animal management and it anticipated that there will be field days, seminars and workshops throughout the year. Beef producers from across Australia will be able to view virtual fencing and herding in action, and see first hand how the technology may be implemented in their own operation. There have also been many worldwide enquiries from beef producers willing to fly to Australia to see the technology in action.

Dr Cameron Ralph will be overseeing the operation of the Centre. Stockman Ben Drain, will be managing the cattle with the eShepherd system.

In particular, the Innovation Centre allows Agersens to test and develop in real world conditions that producers face each day. The product develop team in Melbourne can quickly update base station and collar software remotely, and within minutes a trial can take place to test new functionality and features. The Centre dramatically cuts down on development time allowing Agersens to enhance the product at a faster rate and address the feedback coming in from commercial trials around the world.

Meat and Livestock Australia has a goal to be carbon neutral by 2030. The food chain, from paddock to plate, is looking ways to improve the process of production. Agersens Innovation Centre is a another step towards answering the challenges of agtech industry to become both more sustainable and profitable.

Innovation Centre