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Agersens’ trial of rotational cell grazing with an eShepherd™ virtual fence is now underway at a working farm in South East Queensland near Toowoomba.

Eighteen steers have been fitted with the eShepherd™ collar and are undergoing an number of different tests to further refine the virtual shepherd system.

One of the highlights of the trial so far is the ability to move cattle from one place to another remotely from anywhere in the world.

Sally Haynes of Agersens demonstrated the possibilities during the December holidays. While seated at the Melbourne Cricket Ground watching a test match and sipping champagne, she was simultaneously monitoring the cattle 1500 kilometres away near Toowoomba.

She was able to track their position throughout the day as well as move them from one position to another.

Business Development Manager, Charlton Honig who is managing the trial commented: “The ability to monitor and then remotely move your cattle to a new grazing zone will be of enormous benefit to farmers around the world. The system gives farmers more time to manage their property effectively. It allows them to travel more and gives them a freedom they’ve never had before. It is a big positive change for cattle farmers everywhere.

Agersens will be rolling out the eShepherd™ to farms across and Australia and New Zealand in the coming months.

Test Match Cricket and Grazing Management