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Agersens is now closely working with the University of Idaho to continue trials and evaluation of the eShepherd virtual fence in rangeland environments within the United States. A Memorandum of Understanding has been recently been signed, which will allow the two organisations to share research outcomes and establish a broader network in this area. The University of Idaho has a strong focus on livestock research, is well located in the midwest of the the country and has a good program in agricultural systems management.

Ian Reilly, Managing Director of Agersens said: “Working with the University of Idaho will give us not only give us great information on the specific needs of the North American grazing environments, but also give us the opportunity to extend our agri-tech community to a wider group of like minded organisations. It’s going to greatly benefit both Agersens and the University.”

John C. Foltz who is the Special Assistant to the President for Agricultural Initiatives at the University also commented: “The signing of the MOU between Agersens and the University of Idaho is a reason to celebrate and I look forward to our collaboration.

The initial activities will involve working towards a trial for conservation grazing on rangeland areas of Idaho. The goal will be to improve the sustainability of rangeland farming practice by effectively controlling the location, timing, and duration of rangeland grazing with the eShepherd from Agersens. The assessment of issues and trials can then be used to understand the needs of the market not only in Idaho, but elsewhere in the United States.

About the University of Idaho
The University of Idaho, is one of only 72 land-grant research universities in the United States. Home to more than 11,000 students statewide, It is a leader in student-centered learning and excels at interdisciplinary research and service to businesses.