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Agersens recently presented the eShepherd virtual fencing system at Beef Australia 2018 in Rockhampton, Queensland. At a gala event on the 9th of May the former Deputy Prime Minister, the Honourable Tim Fischer AC unveiled the future of precision agriculture, showcasing the eShepherd system.

The event was very well attended with representatives from CSIRO, AUSTRADE and other government bodies, as well as station owners interested to see virtual fencing implemented on their properties. Media such as ABC TV & Radio, Channel 7, 4RO and Press around Australia also covered the event.

CEO Ian Reilly said,
“It’s fitting that Tim Fischer, a respected national leader, technologist, producer and promoter of Australian innovation has unveiled the eShepherd here.”

“eShepherd is a win win opportunity for agriculture and for the environment.”

“Our team is clever and capable and above all committed to making eShepherd a great success. A truly world class team developing and launching a world first product.”

Tim Fischer also spoke on the how the collars will deliver on the future: “The clock is ticking on agricultural food production and we have to do better with what we have got.”

“The template of the future is precision agriculture and one of the great ways forward is going to be the eShepherd.”

As part of the launch, Agersens will donate a collar to the Stockman’s Hall of Fame in Longreach Queensland as the world’s first automated stock management system.

Virtual Fencing Presented at Beef Australia 2018